Sunday, 26 February 2012

Soon-a come-a day, gonna be-a big-a star...

Can you remember that song Shaddap You Face? A fine example of musical creativity, yes? No! But nonetheless this dubious song made it to number one in the UK singles chart, didn't it, keeping at number two a beautiful piece of musical genius highly deserved of the top spot, namely Vienna by Ultravox. It's an absolute travesty but, bitterness aside, my reason for bringing this up is to illustrate the point that, contrary to what we're led to believe, we do NOT have to be exceptional at what we do to achieve our goals. And it's not about who we know either - it's about deciding what we want, believing in it and taking opportunities, and that's all.

If you want to achieve something, here's what you need to do:

Step 1) Decide.
The hardest part of getting what you want is deciding what you want. Don't limit yourself to what you think you can easily achieve - if your heart's in it you'll find the way. Then say it out loud, "I will move to Austria and join the opera!" Say it often and write it down. Tell people you plan to move to Austria and join the opera. As well as opening doors this will ensure that when the relevant opportunities present themselves you'll recognise them.

Step 2) Believe.
The second hardest part of getting what you want is believing you can have it. We all equally deserve to realise our dreams - keep reminding yourself of this. "I can and I will move to Austria and join the opera - heck, I deserve it!" Don't worry about how you'll achieve it, that will never be a problem, just believe in it. This will ensure that, when you recognise the aforementioned opportunities you don't just ignore them.

Step 3) Take.
The most straightforward step is simply to seize the opportunities. You don't need to be good at or have experience of your goal (do you think Joe Dolce was especially talented?!) because what you need will appear when you need it. People who've moved to Austria and joined the opera will fall out of the woodwork keen to offer advice. Well-wishers will help you. You'll be bombarded with useful articles, classes, videos, magazines... Take hold of every opportunity toward your goal that, in your heart, feels right.

There's no step 4 - that's all, folks! Follow the three steps above and you WILL manifest your goal - Ohhh, Viennaaa..!!

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